Invisalign Braces Etobicoke

For a person who has crowded, spaced, or malpositioned teeth, Invisalign treatment can straighten teeth without the use of traditional wires and brackets in many cases. Invisalign treatment involves the usage of a series of thin, clear, removable custom-made trays that fit over the teeth; they are virtually invisible while in the mouth. They can be removed at any time for brushing, drinking or eating, and do not irritate or cut the cheeks and gums as traditional brackets and wires sometimes can, as the aligners are made of a smooth clear plastic. One of the advantages of Invisalign therapy is that you don’t have to change or limit what you eat in any way, and food will never become stuck between your teeth because there are no brackets or wires that could break, or trap food that you eat. Every Invisalign case comes with a series of aligners, and each aligner should be worn for the entire day, except when eating/drinking or brushing your teeth. While each case is different, most commonly, treatments take anywhere between six to eighteen months, depending on how complex the case is.

Invisalign Etobicoke

Invisalign is a custom fit concept and the aligner tray fits the exact shape of the mouth in order to keep Invisalign discreet and comfortable. Each Invisalign aligner is unique to the person it is made for, and is made for the exact alignment the teeth are in at a particular time. Other than occasional instances of very mild discomfort at the beginning of using a particular tray, there is no pain while wearing the mouthpiece because it is well customized and will fit without any discomfort. Invisalign offers a comfortable subtle alternative to traditional bracket-and-wire braces as these can sometimes abrade the insides of the cheeks and lips. The Invisalign aligner is completely smooth, and does not irritate the cheeks or lips in any way.

Since the teeth have a memory for the positions they used to be in, the teeth have a tendency to revert back to the way they originally were. It is for this reason that every Invisalign treatment Dr. Trotti completes involves making custom retainers to keep the teeth in the straightened position that is achieved. There are multiple forms of retainers that can be made; some involve a small wire bonded behind the teeth where they are out of plain sight, while others involve a thin, clear plastic custom tray that must be worn regularly. If the custom tray retainer option is chosen, the retainer must be worn for the majority of each day, and then after a period of time, a transition can be made where the retainer is worn only at night. It is ideal to wear the retainers at night for life. This will help in maintaining the teeth in good health, as teeth will be easier to brush and floss when they are aligned and straightened.

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