5 Reasons to Have a Periodic Dental Cleaning Performed

By Albion Dental Office March 23, 2018

Your dental health is incredibly important to your overall health. Dental problems can get worse, which can lead to having a variety of health issues that can negatively impact your life. That is why you should make sure that you take the best care of your teeth as possible. Brushing your teeth, while neglecting to floss, use a dental rinse and failing to see your dentist for regular hygiene treatment and examination is not going to be enough to ensure optimal dental health. This is exactly why you need to go see your dentist every 6 months to get a cleaning and have them look at your teeth. Here are 5 reasons why it is essential to have a periodic dental cleaning performed.

  1. Preventing Cavities

Plaque does get built up in the mouth, no matter how thorough you think you are when you brush your teeth. This plaque is the leading cause of tooth decay, leading to cavities and other problems like gum disease. This can get worse, leading to problems in your jawbone or your general health. When you get a cleaning at the dentist office, you are going to get the most thorough cleaning of your teeth which will rid you of all of this plaque. As you develop better dental care habits, your teeth will stay cleaner longer so that you can avoid serious issues.

  1. Catch Problems Earlier

Problems that require a root canal typically start off as a simple cavity. Dentists are able to find your problems while they are still early before they cause catastrophic damage. They can catch cavities early as well as gum disease before it causes severe damage to the teeth and the tissues that support them. You can get the cavity filled before it gets worse and they can stop and, in some cases, even reverse gum disease before serious infections occur. This can save your teeth from having to be extracted.

  1. Oral Cancer Screenings

When you are getting examined at your regular dental checkup, you are getting checked out for things like oral cancer. During the exam, you may notice the dentist check your head and neck for lumps and bumps, while looking around for signs of cancer. Early detection when it comes to cancer is extremely important, and can save lives.

  1. Your Overall Health

Dental problems can cause a variety of other health conditions that you may not think are related. Other health problems can negatively impact your teeth as well. Combined, this means that you are going to benefit from regular checkups that ensure your teeth are in good conditions. Such issues as heart disease have been associated with poor oral health.

  1. Self-Esteem

When you look at a picture of yourself smiling, you may not be happy with what you see. If you have straight, bright white teeth, you are going to feel more confident about yourself. This higher self-esteem will allow you to live your life to the fullest. This may not be a reason that is often discussed, but your emotional health is greatly benefited by teeth that look great.